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William W. Terry Manuscript Collection

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William W. Terry Manuscript Collection

Table of Contents

Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

Content Description

Collection Use

Administrative Information


Collection Overview +/-

Title: William W. Terry Manuscript Collection
Dates: 1940-1991 (inclusive)
Collection Number: MS 116
Summary: 1.3 linear feet
Repository: Stewart Library Special Collections
Weber State University
2901 University Circle
Ogden UT 84408

Collection Inventory +/-

Box 1: Subject Files: A thru B

Fd1 BINGHAM, Erastus: Biographical Sketch. (1 item-3 pp., typescript copy) Fd2 BINGHAM, Erastus: “Sketch of the Life of Erastus Bingham and Family; Utah Pioneers of 1847,” by Norman F. Bingham, et. Al. (1 item-68 pp., typescript, photocopy)

Fd3 BINGHAM’S Fort: Research notes. (5 pieces)

Fd4 BRICKMAKING: Research notes. (7 pieces)

Fd5 BRICKMAKING IN WEBER COUNTY: Historical narrative by William W. Terry. (1 item-7 pp., typescript)

Fd6 BROWN, Captain James: “Journal of a Member of the James Brown Company; 2nd Company, June 18 – September 29, 1954.” (1 item-19 pp., typescript, photocopy)

Fd7 BROWN, Captain James: Lorin Farr Park monument dedication program notes. (4 pieces. Photocopy)

Fd8 BROWN, Captain James: Research notes. (8 pieces)

Fd9 CANNING: Historical narrative of canning industry in Utah. (1 item-29 pp., 2 copies, typescript, Pages 3 and 18 missing in second copy)

Fd10 CANNING: List of canneries in Weber County. (1 piece, 3 copies, typescript)

Fd11 CANNING: “North Ogden Fruit Exchange.” Historical narrative. (1 item-3 pp., typescript)

Fd12 CANNING: Research notes. (42 pieces)

Fd13 CANNING FACTORIES IN WEBER COUNTY: Historical narrative. (1 item-14 pp., 2 copies, typescript)

Fd14 CANNING INDUSTRY IN WEBER COUNTY: Historical narrative. (1 item-55 pp., typescript)

Fd15 CIVIL WAR GENERALS BURIED IN OGDEN: Correspondence: - To William W. Terry from Philip G. Arnold, Fallbrook California, 9/7/88 and 9/28/88; - To William W. Terry from Division of Archives and Records Service, State of Utah, 9/29/88. (1 piece, 2 items)

Fd16 CIVIL WAR GENERALS BURIED IN OGDEN: “G.A.R. Plots” Historical narrative. (1 item-3 pp., typescript)

Fd17 CIVIL WAR GENERALS BURIED IN OGDEN: Historical narrative. (1 item-5 pp., typescript)

Fd18 CIVIL WAR GENERALS BURIED IN OGDEN: Newspaper article, Ogden Standard-Examiner, 12/8/88. (1 piece)

Fd19 CIVIL WAR GENERALS BURIED IN OGDEN: Research notes. (8 pieces)

Fd20 DITCH LITIGATION: Plain City Irrigation Company, a corporation (Plaintiff) vs. Hooper Irrigation Company, a corporation, North Ogden Irrigation Company, a corporation, the State of Utah, and all other claimants to the right to the use of water of the Weber River System (as herein limited) (Defendents) Proceedings in the District Court of the Second Judicial District of the State of Utah in and for Weber County. Findings of fact, conclusions of law, and judgment and decree. April 1, 1948. (1 item)

Fd21 FORT BUENAVENTURA: Historical narrative, monument dedication, and newspaper article. (2 pieces, 1 item)

Fd22 FRIDAY MAN (Peddler): Historical narrative. (1 item-6 pp., 2 copies)

Fd23 FRIDAY MAN (Peddler): Research notes. (5 pieces)

Fd24 GOLDEN SPIKE TOUR GUIDE: Pamphlet. (1 item-20 pp.)

Fd25 GRISTMILLS: “Burch-Taylor Gristmill.” Historical narrative. (1 item-6 pp., 2 copies, typescript)

Fd26 GRISTMILLS: “The Ogden Mill (Pillsbury Co.)” Historical narrative. (1 item-3 pp.)

Fd27 GRISTMILLS: Research notes. (23 pieces, 4 items)

Fd28 GREAT HISTORY CONTEST: Ogden Standard-Examiner history contest forms, 1987 (74 pieces: 37 originals, 37 copies)

Box 2: Subject Files: H thru R

Fd1 INDIAN TRAILS MONUMENT: “Anatomy of a Monument.” Historical narrative. (1 item-43 pp., typescript, photographs)

Fd2 INDIAN TRAILS MONUMENT: Dedication program. (3 pieces)

Fd3 INDIAN TRAILS MONUMENT: Miscellaneous materials.

Fd4 INIDAN TRAILS MONUMENT: Newspaper article. Ogden Standard-Examiner, 1/21/87. (2 pieces, 1 item)

Fd5 INDIAN TRAILS MONUMENT: Research notes. (1 piece, 3 items)

Fd6 LOCALITY HISTORIES: Daughters of Utah Pioneers pamphlet. (1 item-20 pp.)

Fd7 LOG CABIN AT DDO: Research notes. (9 pieces, 1 item)

Fd8 MAPS: Exploration routes in the American West. (13 pieces)

Fd9 MAPS: Lake Bonneville. (9 pieces)

Fd10 MAPS: Ogden City. (9 pieces)

Fd11 MAPS: Ogden City street car lines (1 piece, 2 copies)

Fd12 MAPS: Weber County communities. (8 pieces)

Fd13 MAPS: Weber County forts. (4 pieces, 2 copies each)

Fd14 MAPS: Weber County gristmills. (1 piece, 2 copies) see also: Bx 1, Fds 25-27

Fd15 MAPS: Weber County railroads. (1 piece)

Fd16 MAPS: Miscellaneous materials

Fd17 MT. OGDEN TREK OF 1922 AND 1975: Correspondence and newspaper article relating to hike made by Weber Academy alumni to place flagpole on Mt. Ogden. (5 pieces)

Fd18 NATIONAL HISTORICAL REGISTER SITES: Lists of sites in Weber County and Ogden. (3 pieces, 2 items)

Fd19 OGDEN CITY HISTORIES: A History of Ogden, Utah Historical Records Survey WPA, 1940 (original and photocopy); Views of Ogden, Utah, A. Wittemann, n.d. (photocopy). (3 items)

Fd20 OGDEN CITY POST OFFICE: Historical narrative. (1 item, typescript)

Fd21 PIONEER ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY: Correspondence and data sheets. (3 pieces, 3 items)

Fd22 PIONEER ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY: Historical narratives. (1 item-10 pp., typescript copy)

Fd23 PIONEER ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY: Research notes. (23 pieces, 5 items)

Fd24 RAILROADS IN OGDEN AND WEBER COUNTY: Historical narrative. (1 item-17 pp.)


Fd26 RAILROADS IN OGDEN AND WEBER COUNTY: Research notes. (25 pieces, 3 items)

Fd27 RUSSIAN COLONISTS (Box Elder County): Research notes. (4 pieces)

Box 3: Subject Files: S thru Z

Fd1 SALT LAKE CUTOFF: Historical narrative. (1 item-7 pp., typescript)

Fd2 SALT LAKE CUTOFF: Research notes. (2 items)

Fd3 SILK INDUSTRY: “Silk, the Sensuous Fabric.” Historical narrative (2 copies, transcript), and research notes. (1 item-6 pp., 6 pieces)

Fd4 SMITH, Lot: “Lot Smith’s Story; the Echo Canyon War, 1857,” Jim Smith (pamphlet, 32 pp.), and research notes. (3 pieces, 1 item)

Fd5 TELEPHONES: Historical narratives.

- “History of the Telephone in Utah.” (1 item-10 pp., typescript)

- “Seventy-Five Years of Service: A Short History of the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company.” (1 item-12 pp., typescript)

- “Telephone”. (1 item-8 pp., typescript)

- “Tribute to Ogden Valley Operators,” LaVerna B. Newey (1 item-6 pp., typescript)

- untitled. (1 item-4 pp., 2 copies, typescript)

Fd6 THEATRES IN OGDEN: Historical narrative. (1 item-24 pp., 2 copes, typescript)

Fd7 THEATRES IN OGDEN: Research notes. (27 pieces)

Fd8 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Farr West research notes. (2 pieces, 1 item)

Fd9 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Huntsville research notes. (5 pieces)

Fd10 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Lynne research notes. (2 items)

Fd11 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Slaterville research notes. (2 items)

Fd12 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Uintah research notes. (2 items)

Fd13 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Warren research notes. (2 items)

Fd14 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: West Warren research notes. (1 piece, 2 items)

Fd15 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: West Weber research notes. (1 item)

Fd16 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: Wilson research notes. (1 item)

Fd17 WEBER COUNTY COMMUNITY HISTORIES: “How Many of Weber County’s Communities Were Named.” Historical narrative and miscellaneous notes. (3 pieces, 1 item)

Fd18 WEBER COUNTY IS WORTH KNOWING: Discs and draft. (1 item and 4 discs)

Fd19 WEBER COUNTY IS WORTH KNOWING: Excerpts published in, Pioneer, magazine of The National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers. (2 items)


Fd21 WEBER COUNTY MONUMENTS AND MARKERS: List and script for slide presentation. (2 items)

Fd22 WEBER COUNTY PLACE NAMES: Lists. (2 items)

Fd23 WEBER COUNTY TRAPPERS AND TRAPPING: Historical narrative. (1 item-13 pp., 2 copies, typescript)

Fd24 WEBER COUNTY TRAPPERS AND TRAPPING: Research notes. (3 pieces, 2 items)

Box 4: John Henry Weber Research Files

Fd1 ARTICLES: Herald-Leader (Bellevue, Iowa) 7/88

Fd2 ARTICLES: Julien’s Journal (Dubuque, Iowa) 7/88

Fd3 ARTICLES: Pioneer (Salt Lake City) 3-4/85

Fd4 ARTICLES: Pioneer (Salt Lake City) 11-12/88

Fd5 ARTICLES: Ogden Standard-Examiner 3/88

Fd6 ARTICLES: miscellaneous

Fd7 CORRESPONDENCE: Virginia Weber Gannon, 1988. (11 pieces, 3 items)

Fd8 CORRESPONDENCE: Virginia Weber Gannon, 1989. (3 pieces, 4 items)

Fd9 CORRESPONDENCE: Mike Jones, 1987. (4 pieces, 3 items)

Fd10 CORRESPONDENCE: Mike Jones, 1988. (14 pieces, 7 items)

Fd11 CORRESPONDENCE: Mike Jones, 1989. (2 pieces)

Fd12 IOWA MATERIALS: The Jackson County Perspective, newsletter of the Jackson County (Iowa) Economic Development Commission. (1 piece, 7 items)

Fd13 IOWA MATERIALS: Mementos.

Fd14 IOWA MATERIALS: Miscellaneous newspapers. (3 items)

Fd15 IOWA MATERIALS: Treatise entitled, “The Bellevue, Iowa Connection,” an account by William W. Terry; related materials.

Fd16 PAMPHLET: John Henry Weber: Trapper, Explorer, Adventurer (1 item-32 pp., 2 copies)


Box 5: Miscellaneous Research Topics

Fd1 BUCKAROO HAT STYLES: Photocopy of magazine article.

Fd2 PONY EXPRESS: Riders of the Pony Express, Kate B. Carter. Daughters of Utah Pioneers reprint. 54 pp.

Fd3 SETTLERS: Newspaper clippings dealing with Ogden Settlers.

Fd4 TERRY, William Z.: Miscellaneous materials relating to former Weber College mathematics instructor.

Fd5 TRAPPERS AND TRAPPING: Miscellaneous materials

Fd6 UNIDENTIFIED JOURNAL: Daily account journal, September 1932 – ?, 1934. Photocopy.

Box 6: Special Edition Newspapers

Fd1 Ogden Standard-Examiner Golden Spike Centennial Edition, 4/4/1969 (2 copies)

Fd2 Ogden Standard-Examiner Progress 72, 4/16/1972

Fd3 Ogden Standard-Examiner: 150 Years – A Growing Faith. Special edition for the Sesquicentennial of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 4/6/1980

Fd4 Salt Lake Tribune Centennial Edition, 4/11/1971

Box 7: Tapes and Memorabilia

Tape1 Dedication of Indian Trials Monument, 6/21/88

Tape2 John Henry Weber Rendezvous, 7/23/88

Content Description +/-

Collection from William W. Terry. This collection contains the research of Terry as he wrote his book "Weber County is Worth Knowing."

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Open to public research.

Administrative Information +/-


This collection is arrranged by subject group.

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This collection was processed by a Special Collections processor.


Terry, William W.


Collection materials are in English.


Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008


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Sarah Langsdon

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Subjects +/-

Subject Terms:

Local Records

Personal Names:

Terry, William W.

Geographical Names:

Ogden, Utah

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