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Richard Roberts Historical Ogden Photograph Collection

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Richard Roberts Historical Ogden Photograph Collection

Table of Contents

Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

Content Description

Collection Use

Administrative Information


Collection Overview +/-

Title: Richard Roberts Historical Ogden Photograph Collection
Dates: 1900-1980 (inclusive)
Collection Number: P 091
Summary: This collection contains originals and copies of photographs collected by Dr. Richard Roberts.
Repository: Stewart Library Special Collections
Weber State University
2901 University Circle
Ogden UT 84408

Collection Inventory +/-

Box 1:


Fd 1 Architecture of Weber County

Fd 2 Bertha Eccles Art Center

Fd 3 Carnegie Library

Fd 4 Dee Memorial Hospital

Fd 5 Downtown Panorama

Fd 6 Elks Lodge

Fd 7 Masonic Hall

Fd 8 Ogden City Hall

Fd 9 Ogden City Industrial Park

Fd 10 Ogden City Public Safety Center

Fd 11 Ogden Hot Springs

Fd 12 Ogden Municipal Building

Fd 13 Ogden Municipal Park

Fd 14 Ogden Municipal Square and Unio n Station Yards

Fd 15 Ogden County Club

Fd 16 Old Post Office

Fd 17 Opera House

Fd 18 Weber County Courthouse

Fd 19 Weber County Jail


Fd 20 2nd District Co-Operative Retail Store

Fd 21 Alpine Hotel, The Club

Fd 22 Amalgamated Sugar Company

Fd 23 American Online, Inc.

Fd 24 Autoliv

Fd 25 Banks

Fd 26 Bernard White Lumber Co.

Fd 27 Boyle Furniture Co.

Fd 28 Broom Hotel

Fd 29 Brown’s Ice Cream

Fd 30 Browning Brothers

Fd 31 Cal’s Modular and Mobile Homes

Fd 32 Cervasza

Fd 33 Consolidated Implement Co. Building

Fd 34 Co-Operative Wagon and Machine Co.

Fd 35 Cream O’Weber Dairy


Fd 37 DeWit Brothers

Fd 38 Eccles Building

Fd 39 Ed’s Variety Store

Fd 40 Egyptian Theater

Fd 41 Factories

Fd 42 Field Oil Company

Fd 43 First National Bank

Fd 44 Fersenius Medical Care

Fd 45 G. Goldberg Store

Fd 46 George A. Lowe Co.

Fd 47 Greiner Store

Fd 48 Iomega Corp.

Fd 49 J.G. Read and Brothers Co.

Fd 50 Jas. G. Moyes and Co.

Fd 51 Joe’s Barber Shop

Fd 52 John S. Lewis Jewelers and Silversmiths

Fd 53 John Stoddard and Sons

Fd 54 Kier Companies

Fd 55 Kohn Liquor Company

Fd 56 Larkin and Sons Undertakers

Fd 57 Lindquist Mortuary

Fd 58 The Little Sweet Shop

Fd 59 Maddox Compressor Co.

Fd 60 Marion Hotel

Fd 61 Matson Bros. C.O.D. Grocery

Fd 62 Meadow Gold

Fd 63 Montana House

Fd 64 Morgan Business Systems

Fd 65 Ogden Packing and Provision Co.

Fd 66 Ogden Regional Medical Center

Fd 67 Ogden Sugar Factory

Fd 68 Ogden Wholesale Drug Co.

Fd 69 Perry’s Block

Fd 70 Petersen Inc.

Fd 71 Pioneer Electric Powerplant

Fd 72 Reed Hotel

Fd 73 Scowcroft Building

Fd 74 Scowcroft Block

Fd 75 Shupe-Williams Candy Co.

Fd 76 Sidney Stevens

Fd 77 Sidney Stevens Block

Fd 78 Sidney Steven Implement Store

Fd 79 Smith Loans

Fd 80 Stock Yards

Box 2:

BUSINSSES (continued)

Fd 1 Thiokol

Fd 2 The Utah Canning Co.

Fd 3 Utah Powder Mills

Fd 4 Wadman Corp.

Fd 5 Wasatch Distributing

Fd 6 Western Zirconium

Fd 7 Wheelers Bakery and Lunch

Fd 8 Williams International

Fd 9 Woodmansee Union Block


Fd 10 Artesian Well

Fd 11 Hermitage

Fd 12 Ogden Canyon

Fd 13 Ogden Canyon looking east

Fd 14 Ogden Canyon Rail line

Fd 15 Ogden Canyon Sanitarium

Fd 16 Ogden Canyon Siphon

Fd 17 Ogden Rapid Transit

Fd 18 Ogden River Bridge

Fd 19 Ogden River- People Swimming

Fd 20 Pineview Dam


Fd 21 Baptist Church

Fd 22 Church of the Good Shepherd

Fd 23 LDS Ward

Fd 24 Methodist Church

Fd 25 New Zion Baptist Church

Fd 26 Ogden Buddhist Church

Fd 27 Ogden Presbyterian Church

Fd 28 Ogden Tabernacle

Fd 29 Old Fourth Ward

Fd 30 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Fd 31 Unidentified Church


Fd 32 Corrine, Utah: 1869

Fd 33 Echo City, Utah

Fd 34 Eden, Utah

Fd 35 North Ogden, Utah

Fd 36 Ogden, Utah (early)

Fd 37 Ogden, Utah (East toward Ogden Canyon)

Fd 38 Plain City, Utah

Fd 39 Promontory, Utah

Fd 40 Roy, Utah

Fd 41 South Ogden, Utah

Fd 42 South Weber, Utah

Fd 43 Uintah, Utah

Fd 44 Upper Ogden River Valley


Fd 45 Dairy Herd- Plain City

Fd 46 Farms

Fd 47 Farm- Allen, Vaughn

Fd 48 Farm- Anderson, Allen

Fd 49 Farm- Barker Family

Fd 50 Farm- Dabb Family

Fd 51 Farm- Fielding, E.

Fd 52 Farm- Groberg, Charles

Fd 53 Farm- Hall, Henry

Fd 54 Farm- Hay

Fd 55 Farm- Head Lettuce

Fd 56 Farm- Larkin, J.R.

Fd 57 Farm- Lowe, T.A.

Fd 58 Farm- Native Americans

Fd 59 Farm- Ostrich- Eric Olsen

Fd 60 Farm- Rawson Brothers

Fd 61 Farm- Robson Brothers

Fd 62 Farm- Sugar Beet

Fd 63 Farm- Ure, Ira

Fd 64 Farm Bureau

Fd 65 Grazing

Fd 66 Ogden Commercial Feed Yards

Box 3:


Fd 1 Bingham’s Fort

Fd 2 Brown’s Fort

Fd 3 Farr’s Fort

Fd 4 Ogden Fort


Fd 5 Hyrum Belnap

Fd 6 Browning

Fd 7 Doxey Ave

Fd 8 Eccles Avenue Historic District

Fd 9 David Eccles

Fd 10 Marriner Eccles

Fd 11 Miles Goodyear Cabin

Fd 12 Harrison Blvd. Homes

Fd 13 Healy/Robbins

Fd 14 Fred J. Kiesel

Fd 15 John S. Lewis

Fd 16 David H. Peery

Fd 17 G. S. Potter’s Dairy Barn

Fd 18 John Scowcroft

Fd 19 Smyth House

Fd 20 H.H. Spencer

Fd 21 Sidney Stevens


Fd 22 Ogden City

Fd 23 Weber County


Fd 24 Aerials- Downtown Ogden

Fd 25 Aerials- Weber County

Fd 26 Bicentennial Paintings

Fd 27 Brine Shrimp

Fd 28 French Hawk Fighter

Fd 29 Hayden Survey

Fd 30 Land Use Amounts Report: 1968

Fd 31 Negatives

Fd 32 Ogden- Fire on 26th Street

Fd 33 Rural Roads

Fd 34 Utah State Extension Division (copies)

Fd 35 Washington Terrace- Municipal Corporation

Fd 36 Weber County Book information

Fd 37 Weber County Fair

Box 4:


Fd 1 Ben Lomond Peak

Fd 2 Black Mountain

Fd 3 Little Mountain

Fd 4 Jump Off Canyon

Fd 5 Malan’s Basin

Fd 6 Mount Ogden

Fd 7 North Ogden Divide

Fd 8 Ogden Mountains

Fd 9 South Fork

Fd 10 Taylor Canyon

Fd 11 Wasatch-Cache Forest (Floods): 1949


Fd 12 1919 Armistice Parade

Fd 13 Golden Spike Parade: 1919

Fd 14 July 4th Parade: 1920s

Fd 15 Parade: 1890s

Fd 16 Pioneer Days Parade: July 24, 1995


Fd 17 Adams, Charles Francis

Fd 18 Affleck, John

Fd 19 Austad, Mark Evans

Fd 20 Barber, Romania

Fd 21 Barker, James

Fd 22 Becraft, Nellie

Fd 23 Belnap Family

Fd 24 Bingham, Erastus

Fd 25 Bramwell, Kent

Fd 26 Brewer, Myrene Rich

Fd 27 Brown, James

Fd 28 Browning, Charilla Abbott

Fd 29 Browning, John M.

Fd 30 Browning, Thomas Edmond

Fd 31 Burton, Michelle

Fd 32 Cannon, Frank J.

Fd 33 Christensen, Armeda, Anne and Emma

Fd 34 Christensen, James P.

Fd 35 Cole, Ellen

Fd 36 Collett, Farrell

Fd 37 Cook, Bert

Fd 38 Crawshaw, Jennie

Fd 39 Critchlow, Hattie

Fd 40 Father Cushnahan

Fd 41 Decaria Family

Fd 42 DeVoto, Bernard Augustine

Fd 43 Dixon, Henry Aldous

Fd 44 Dodge, Grenville

Fd 45 Eccles, David

Fd 46 Eccles, Marriner S.

Fd 47 Farr, Lorin

Fd 48 Fife, Isaac

Fd 49 Fife, William Nichol

Fd 50 Fife, William W.

Fd 51 Fjeldsted, Ezra James

Fd 52 Fremont, John Charles

Fd 53 Fronk, William and Family

Fd 54 Gavros, Harry

Fd 55 George, Harold

Fd 56 Glasmann, William

Fd 57 Goodyear, Miles

Fd 58 Greenwell, Blanch (Dot)

Fd 59 Hardy, Martha (wife of Thomas Read)

Fd 60 Herrick, Lester

Fd 61 Hetzel, Clarence Charles

Fd 62 Hilgter, Delphia

Fd 63 Hinckley, Robert

Fd 64 Hodgson, Leslie

Fd 65 Hollands, Estella

Fd 66 Hunt, Ken

Fd 67 Hunter, Robert

Fd 68 Hurlburt, Mary

Fd 69 Hurtado, Alex

Fd 70 Jenkins, Bruce

Box 5:

PEOPLE (continued)

Fd 1 Jones, Charles

Fd 2 Kendall Family

Fd 3 Kennedy, David M.

Fd 4 Kerr, George

Fd 5 Kiesel, Fredrich

Fd 6 Ligori Family

Fd 7 Manning, William

Fd 8 Marriott, J. Willard

Fd 9 McKay, David O.

Fd 10 McKay, James Gunn

Fd 11 Moench, Louis F.

Fd 12 Moore, David

Fd 13 Morrison, Fred

Fd 14 Nichols, Loring “Red”

Fd 15 Ogden, Peter Skene

Fd 16 Parkinson, John and Donald

Fd 17 Peery, David H.

Fd 18 Peery, Harmon W.

Fd 19 Peterson, John

Fd 20 Piers, Eber F.

Fd 21 Putnam, Ruth and Jennie

Fd 22 Rallison, Marie

Fd 23 Read, Thomas

Fd 24 Rich, Edward I.

Fd 25 Richards, Franklin

Fd 26 Richards, Richard

Fd 27 Rounds, Charles Wesley and Family

Fd 28 Sadler, Richard and Richard Roberts

Fd 29 Sandoval, Jim

Fd 30 Schoppe, Phillip

Fd 31 Schoppe, Ruth Flint

Fd 32 Scowcroft, John

Fd 33 Shurtliff, Lewis

Fd 34 Skeen, Archie

Fd 35 Smith, Stella

Fd 36 Stephens, David

Fd 37 Thiros, John Nicholas

Fd 38 Toler, Florence Cranshaw

Fd 39 Toller, William F.

Fd 40 Turner, Jennie and Husband

Fd 41 Van Brunt, Henry

Fd 42 Vance, Elizabeth

Fd 43 Wang, Shi-Hwa and Yu-Jane Yang

Fd 44 Warden, Al

Fd 45 Watkins, Mose

Fd 46 Weber, John Henry

Fd 47 Welch, Tom

Fd 48 West, Chauncy

Fd 49 White, Marshall

Fd 50 Widdowson, James

Fd 51 Wood, Orlinda Woolley

Fd 52 Wright, Dorothy

Fd 53 Unidentified Men

Fd 54 Unidentified Woman


Fd 55 Bean Pickers

Fd 56 Echo Dam Leaders

Fd 57 Greek Sheep Ranchers

Fd 58 Junior League of Women

Fd 59 Kelly’s Army of “Industrialists”

Fd 60 Mountain Man Rendezvous: 1994

Fd 61 National Guard Trooper: 1894

Fd 62 Ogden City Council

Fd 63 Ogden City School Children

Fd 64 Ogden Firemen

Fd 65 Ogden Police

Fd 66 Shoshoni Indians

Fd 67 Utah National Guard

Fd 68 Weber County Commission

Fd 69 Weber County Officers

Fd 70 Weber Count Watershed Leaders- G. Stanley Brewer, H. Aldous Dixon, Richard Kingston

Fd 71 Weber County Watershed Protective Corp. Board

Fd 72 Unidentified Groups

Box 6:


Fd 1 Brigham City Track

Fd 2 Central Pacific Train

Fd 3 Chicago Union Stock Yards

Fd 4 First Train into Salt Lake City

Fd 5 Golden Hotel

Fd 6 Lucin Cut-Off

Fd 7 Ogden Railroad Station

Fd 8 Ogden Station- Architectural Drawings

Fd 9 Railroad Camp

Fd 10 Railroad Lingo

Fd 11 Railroad Maps

Fd 12 Railroad Signs

Fd 13 Sherman Station

Fd 14 Southern Pacific Shops

Fd 15 Train in Weber Canyon

Fd 16 Transcontinental Railroad

Fd 17 Union Pacific Railway

Fd 18 Union Pacific Train

Fd 19 Union Station

Fd 20 Union Station- Cornerstone: 1888

Fd 21 Union Station- Fire

Fd 22 Union Station- Rail yards

Fd 23 Union Station- Workers

Fd 24 Utah Central Railroad

Fd 25 Utah Central Railway Train


Fd 26 Sports in Weber County

Fd 27 Becker Hill

Fd 28 Ogden High Football: 1897

Fd 29 Plain City Baseball

Fd 30 Powder Mountain

Fd 31 Weber Normal College Football

Fd 32 Weber Stake Academy Men’s Basketball

Fd 33 Weber Stake Academy Women’s Basketball

Fd 34 Winter Recreation

Box 7:


Fd 1 Dee School

Fd 2 Grant School

Fd 3 Ogden Congressional Academy and Central Jr. High

Fd 4 Ogden High School

Fd 5 Ogden Military Academy

Fd 6 Pleasant View School

Fd 7 Quincy School

Fd 8 Sacred Heart Academy

Fd 9 St. Joseph Catholic High School

Fd 10 State School for the Deaf and Blind

Fd 11 Weber State Academy (College, University)

Fd 12 Weber Stake Academy Band

Fd 13 Weber Stake Academy Faculty

Fd 14 Weber Stake Academy Graduating Class


Fd 15 24th Street Railroad Bridge

Fd 16 25th Street

Fd 17 25th and Grant

Fd 18 Washington and 23rd

Fd 19 24th and Washington: 1854

Fd 20 24th and Washington: 1890s

Fd 21 25th and Washington

Fd 22 Washington Blvd towards 24th


Fd 23 Bonneville Canal

Fd 24 Causey Dam

Fd 25 Davis Aqueduct

Fd 26 Davis and Weber Canal Co.

Fd 27 Fremont Island

Fd 28 Great Salt Lake

Fd 29 Hooper Canal

Fd 30 Mill Creek

Fd 31 Ogden-Brigham Canal

Fd 32 Slatterville Diversion Dam

Fd 33 Warren Canal

Fd 34 Weber Basin Project

Fd 35 Weber River

Fd 36 Wheeler Creek

Content Description +/-

This collection contains originals and copies of photographs collected by Dr. Richard Roberts. Most of the photographs were used in his book co-author with Dr. Richard Sadler titled Weber County’s History. The files may also include the caption and sidebar used in the book.

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Open to public research.

Administrative Information +/-


This collection is arrranged by subject group.

Processing Note:

This collection was processed by a Special Collections processor.


Roberts, Richard


Collection materials are in English.


Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008


7 boxes

Language of the Finding Aid:

Finding guide is in English in Latin script.

Author of the Finding Aid:

Finding aid created by Sarah Langsdon.

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Finding aid based on DACS (Describing Archives: A Content Standard).

Subjects +/-

Subject Terms:

Material Types
Business enterprises
Housing--Ogden (Utah)
Schools--Ogden (Utah)

Personal Names:

Roberts, Richard

Geographical Names:

Ogden, Utah

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