Utah Construction Company

Utah Construction Company Feather River Scrapbooks

Two scrapbooks in deteriorating condition of photographs that document the building of the Feather River Railroad from 1906-1907.

Utah Construction Company History by E. R. Lubbers

Five volume set documenting the history of Utah Construction Company from 1900 to 1964.

Utah Construction Company Hoover Dam Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks document through photographs the construction of the dam showcasing UCC's part in its creation.

Utah Construction Company Mexico Projects

In 1928, Utah Construction Company completed its first project outside of the United States with railroad for Southern Pacific of Mexico.

Utah Construction Company Minutes

Board of Directors meetings for the Utah Construction Company.

Utah Construction Company Stockholder Ledgers

Five volumes of the names and amount of stock owned by the stockholders from 1900-1954.

Utah Construction-Utah International Annual Reports

UCUI (Utah Construction-Utah International) annual reports spanning from 1947 to 1976.

Utah Construction-Utah International Photographs

Photographs highlighting the company's founders and laborers.

Utah Construction-Utah International Symposium Speeches, Ephemera and Oral Histories

The collection consists of memorabilia from the annual symposium 2001-2007.

Utah International-General Electric Merger Documents

Includes the minutes of the stockholder's meetings with both Utah International and General Electric.