Public Service

Matthew Godfrey shares his experiences of attending Weber State University, including earning a master's degree in accounting and being an All-American on the track team. He shares stories of his life growing up and living in North Ogden, as well as his education and serving as Ogden’s Mayor. He reflects on his time running for mayor and discusses some of the major economic and development projects he worked on in his several terms after elected to beautify Ogden City. The interview took place on November 21, 2011.

Ira Huggins discusses his experiences as a Democratic state senator who served on the Utah Board of Regents, on the board of directors for Weber College, and on the board of trustees for Weber State College. The interview took place on March 3, 1973.

Ira Huggins, a former state senator, describes practicing law and serving in the legislature during the Depression. He also discusses the overinvestment of the Ogden State Bank in agriculture and livestock, leading to its close. The interview took place circa 1960s.

J. Bracken Lee discusses his time spent as Governor of Utah, mayor of Price, and mayor of Salt Lake City. The interview took place on October 12, 1971.

Former governor and mayor, J. Bracken Lee discusses his career and his political views. He argues for wider latitude with vice and against the liquor commission, especially during his years in Price. He also talks about friendships with leaders of the LDS Church and his various campaigns for public office. He tells about his friendship with outlaw Matt Warner and Warner’s purported friendship with Butch Cassidy. The interview took place on May 21, 1971.

Curtis Oda discusses his Japanese heritage and examines his father's life growing up in Northern Utah. The interview took place May 14, 2015.

Olene Smith Walker, former governor of the state of Utah from 2003 to 2005, discusses her early years growing up in Weber County with her parents Thomas and Nina Smith. She then talks about her decision to run for the Utah State Legislature and her eight year tenure, her time as lieutenant governor under Michael Leavitt, and her term as Utah governor. The interview took place on July 5 and 6, 2012.