Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing Doctoral & Master's Projects

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The Weber State University (WSU) Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing (SON) Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs are designed to prepare nurses for an advanced level of nursing science, leadership, and practice. 

The DNP is a translational, practice-focused doctoral degree that prepares students to evaluate research science to inform nursing practice and transform healthcare organizations. By developing a translational practice, graduates develop the skills to determine the credibility of the sources presented, use research findings to inform practice, improve patient safety, and initiate quality improvement process improvements; and use existing and developing databases to guide quality improvement decisions for patients and populations at the systems level.

The MSN accredited program offers two leadership role specialties; Nurse Educator and Nurse Executive. Graduate students will experience diverse and evidence-based learning opportunities from highly qualified graduate faculty, culminating in a community-based residency experience in nursing clinical, academia, or administrative leadership.