Weber State University

Lind, John G.

A collection of documents, photographs, and artifacts from the life and teaching career of John G. Lind.

Moench, Louis F.

A collection of artifacts, photos, and documents from the life and teaching career of Louis Frederick Moench.

Weber State Catalog 1896 to Present

The annual catalog issued by Weber from 1896 to the present.

Weber State Historical Exhibits

Travelling photograph exhibits created by the Weber State University Archives to display the history of the institution.

Weber State Oral History Project

The interviews explore the process of achieving university status, as well as major issues including accreditation, diversity, faculty governance, changes in leadership, curricular developments, etc.

Weber State Student Newspapers 1905 to Present

Weber's first newspaper came from the Acorn, a literary publication from 1905 to 1916.

Weber State Student Oral History Project

Interviews by students working with several different professors on the Weber State campus on a variety of subjects.