Japanese Americans -- Evacuation and Relocation 1942-1945

Al Aoki discusses World War II and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and his occupation as a machinist at Hill Air Force Base. The interview took place on March 10, 1971.

John Ashworth discusses his farming background, his life in Beaver, Utah, and his carpentry work in the Topaz internment camp during World War II. The interview took place on July 22, 1972.

Ruth Eskelsen shares her experiences of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She discusses her friend's Japanese gardener and his family being sent to a relocation center. The interview took place on December 7, 1971.

Elsie Okamoto Shiramizu discusses being placed in a Japanese internment camp with her family after Pearl Harbor. She also talks of her time at the Dee School of Nursing and her volunteer work. The interview took place on July 22, 2008.