Weber State University Student Projects

Students in a Classroom

The Weber State College/University Student Projects have been created by students working with several different professors on the Weber State campus. The topics are varied and based on the student's interest or task for a specific assignment. These oral history assignments were created to help Weber State sutdents learn the value and importance of recording public history and to benefit the expansion of the Weber State oral history collections.

Adonna Aeschlimann describes the various processes and techniques involving canning foods for storage. The interview took place on February 16, 2005.

Lee Rue Allen began working at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in 1935. He talks of his employment there for sixty-one years, and his first assignment involving a Civilian Conservation Corp project. Mr. Allen discusses who surveyed and planned the refuge, the types of equipment used in the management, and upkeep of the refuge and hunting regulations in and around the refuge. The interview took place on July 17, 1972.

Joseph Anderson discusses growing up on a farm in Roy and attending public school and Weber Academy. He also discusses medical care, politics, the canning industry, recreation, the Spanish American War, and World War I. The interview took place on August 17, 1971.

Mary Andrus discusses her childhood in Spanish Fork, Utah as well as Icelandic history. The interview took place on August 10, 1972.

An anonymous Salt Lake City Police Officer going by the alias of "Dale" discusses the subject of prostitution in Salt Lake in the 20th century. The interview took place on March 19, 1973.

Al Aoki discusses World War II and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and his occupation as a machinist at Hill Air Force Base. The interview took place on March 10, 1971.

John Ashworth discusses his farming background, his life in Beaver, Utah, and his carpentry work in the Topaz internment camp during World War II. The interview took place on July 22, 1972.

Yara Baba discusses the effects of the Nigerian Civil War. Baba also discusses leaving Nigeria to attend Birmingham Junior College in England, then coming to the United States. The interview took place on July 17, 1972.

Gilbert Baca discusses his experiences in bible school and some of the differences between the Catholic and the Pentecost religions. The interview took place on August 25, 1971.

Sergeant Dennis Ball discusses changes in the military service and his military experience. The interview took place on July 22, 1980.