Law Enforcement

An anonymous Salt Lake City Police Officer going by the alias of "Dale" discusses the subject of prostitution in Salt Lake in the 20th century. The interview took place on March 19, 1973.

Lue Birch discusses his knowledge of 25th Street. He describes joining the police force in 1949, and his experiences with hustlers, Madames, and the other officers. The interview took place on July 16, 2013. 

Maurice Brophy, a member of the Salt Lake City Police Department, describes his involvement with law enforcement and his work as an undercover agent in narcotics. He also discusses drug abuse and current programs in Utah. The interview took place on April 22, 1972.

Jack Card discusses law enforcement and his experiences with 25th Street. The interview took place on February 27, 1971.

Don Garside shares his memories of Ogden and 25th Street, including his father's time spent as a downtown patrolman and on the youth bureau. Garside discusses the presence of prostitution and segregation on 25th Street. The interview took place on August 8, 2013.

Jayeson Vance, an Ogden native, discusses his memories of 25th Street and his interest in law enforcement. Vance also discusses being a park ranger and conducting tours of Alcatraz. The interview took place on October 10, 2013.