Public Schools

Joseph Anderson discusses growing up on a farm in Roy and attending public school and Weber Academy. He also discusses medical care, politics, the canning industry, recreation, the Spanish American War, and World War I. The interview took place on August 17, 1971.

Morris Barrett recalls gaining an education at the Weber Normal School, teaching and serving as principal in Eden during the Depression, teaching at Weber High School, and serving as principal and teacher at Hooper Junior High School. The interview took place circa 1960s.

A. Parley Bates and his wife discuss their careers in education and hard times during the Depression. They lost some money in the closure of the Ogden State Bank. Both taught in the public schools, and Parley Bates was principal at Roy Elementary and at Weber County High School, as well as superintendent of Weber County Public Schools. The interview took place circa 1960s.

Bert Dickson reminisces about conditions around the turn of the century in Devil’s Slide and Richville in Morgan County, including public schooling, the tithing lot, the coming of the telephone, family and community life, agriculture, death customs, food, plumbing and the water supply. He describes the building and remodeling of the East Canyon Dam, experiences with Indians, bootlegging, transportation, and various industries. He also describes the Japanese community. As both a plumber and as an LDS bishop, he had extensive experience with members of this community.

William Farnsworth discusses the Mormon Exodus and growing up in the Mormon colonies in Mexico. The interview took place on August 17, 1971.

Martha Field discusses her life and growing up in Lyman, Wyoming. The interview took place on October 14, 1976.

Frederick Arthur Florence discusses the development of Porterville, including public schools, agriculture, sawmills, mining, the brickyard, homebuilding, the East Canyon Dam, plumbing, transportation, recreation, the Depression, food, communication, and the pea industry. The interview took place on July 8, 1976.

Richard T. Fry discusses public schools in Morgan, Francis Peak, irrigation and the building of the East Canyon Dam, various sawmills and flour mills, the lime and cement mines and industries, agriculture, Como Springs, the LDS Church, experiences with Indians, mail service, medical care, the coming of the telephone, and his experiences as bailiff. The interview took place on July 3, 1976.